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Tag: universal data access

Future Agenda

Over the next decade, there are four certain macro drivers of change which will ...

Migration Magnets

Immigration is key part of economic development strategies

Mega City States

Increasing competition between cities over-rides national priorities.

Local Foods

Expect mass consumption of locally grown and processed foods.

Intelligent Buildings

Smarter, better connected, self monitoring homes provide buildings able to self...

Bridging The Last Mile

Making public transport as flexible as private transportation systems.


The next decade will see more of us living in cities so locality and how we live...

Virtual Authenticity

Trusting our digital credentials allows us to participate in open global transac...

Drone Wars

Intelligent UAVs chose their victims themselves.

Credible Sources

Greater information overload means we turn to the source of the insight to dis...


Active gathering and interpretation of data delivers faster early warning awaren...

Corporate LEGO

With more free agents, non core functions within are interchangeable and easil...


Given the increasing ease of communication and connectivity, more people on the ...

People Tracking

There is greater acceptance of being tracked by your mobile.

Urban (im)mobility

Informed choices, growth, congestions, and regulation impact the world’s cities.

Intelligent Highways

Automated highways improve safety, increase capacity and reduce congestion.

Seamless Media Consumption

Multiple media sources are instantly integrated at the point of consumption.

Live Experiences

The role of "live" in an increasingly isolated world becomes more important.

Cocktail Identities

The need to differentiate between real and virtual disappears.


At one extreme, happiness is about societal change, demographic shifts and so on...

Third Global Currency

The economic rise of Asia and the need for an alternative to the US dollar as th...

Mobile Money

Proven systems built on mobile connectivity and increasingly flexible means of e...

Dynamic Pricing

Pervasive smart meters and ubiquitous tracking services create platforms for the...


The next decade will see new technologies that will drive new business models th...

Clinical Enhancement

Enhanced functionality will shift from an external add-on to an integrated capab...

Automated people-care

Robotic assisted care and remote monitoring provide economically viable support ...


With diabetes consuming 5% of GDP, a combination of fat taxation, patient data m...


The world of health and nutrition is one which will experience many significant ...

Universal Data Access

We will be connected everywhere.

Four Certainties

What we see as the four macro-certainties for the next decade: a continued Imbal...


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