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Tag: key resource constraints

Future Agenda

Over the next decade, there are four certain macro drivers of change which will ...

Migration Magnets

Immigration is key part of economic development strategies

Mega City States

Increasing competition between cities over-rides national priorities.

Almost Zero Waste

Escalating waste production leads many to aim for an almost waste society.


The next decade will see more of us living in cities so locality and how we live...

Water Management

Advanced water purification, irrigation and desalination technologies are key.

Solar Sunrise

Large scale solar is the leading renewable supply.


Given the increasing ease of communication and connectivity, more people on the ...

Alternative Proteins

The shift in global diet from rice to meat brings new sources of protein.

Electric Mobility

Electric cars take off and form up to 10% of the world’s vehicle fleet by 2020.

Clean Shipping

Freight shipping adopts a range of alternative policies and power systems.

Less Variety

The future of choice is about less variety.


At one extreme, happiness is about societal change, demographic shifts and so on...

Local Currency

The revitalisation of bartering, decreased trust in banks and increasing communi...

Less Energy

Consumers are incentivised to use significantly less energy as escalating growth...

Lease Everything

Rising sustainability imperatives and increasing cost of ownership shift the bal...

Pharma Foods

More customised foods blur the line between pharmaceuticals and food as nutrigen...


The next decade will see new technologies that will drive new business models th...

Key Resource Constraints

We will see economic, physical and political shortages of key materials.

Four Certainties

What we see as the four macro-certainties for the next decade: a continued Imbal...


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