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Ten questions for individuals

How can I play a part in changing the status quo?

How and where can I, as one person, make the greatest impact? What issue is most relevant to me? Who will I trust to give me accurate information?

How can I better live within the means of the planet?

Will technology allow me to do everything I want or will I have to use fewer resources? What sacrifices may I need to make? Should I judge wealth in the same way as my parents?

Which of my daily choices will have greatest influence over the future?

Should I walk to work or buy a bike? Will an electronic car be affordable? Should I become a part-time vegetarian? Is living in the city the best option for me and should I have a smaller apartment?

Am I prepared to pay the full cost for things in the future?

Will I pay $10 a gallon for fuel, €2 a litre for milk or £5 for a loaf of bread? Will I pay my carbon tax and fat tax on each purchase or against my monthly personal allowance? What am I willing to do without?

To what extent should I openly share information about myself?

How will I make and maintain friendships in the future? Will my virtual networks be as important as the people I meet in the ‘real’ world? Will I only share my personal information with my closest friends but be prepared to give all my health data to the government?

Where in the world will I find the greatest opportunities?

If I stay here, will there be enough for me to do or will I need to move? Do national boundaries matter? Should I consider moving to another country or continent or just be willing to travel further to work?

What professions will exist in 2020?

What should I learn? How will I manage and plan for a changing career portfolio? Should I become a bio-informationist, a privacy officer, a reputation enhancer, or an urban farmer? Or am I better off as a teacher, a doctor or a lawyer?

How can I best plan for retirement?

Can I afford to live to be 100? Shall I expect to work beyond 75? How will I keep myself healthy and active? What foods should I eat and where should I live?

How should I raise my children to prepare them for their future?

What is the best way to educate them? How do I ensure they have the right expectations and values?

What will I believe in?

How will I know what I should believe in? What and who will I trust? Should I consider the opportunities offered by religion?

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Comments says
“\"Am I prepared to pay the full cost for things in the future?\" WRONG QUESTION / IMPLICATION! The right question is - \"Are we prepared to remove multiple, redundant, hidden, little-or-no-value-added profit costs from items, many for which and by which public subsidies have been critical or instrumental in establishing and sustaining?\" Think oil with all of its governmental, tax, and military subsidies and support, which has at the same time had many of its costs / deficits / detriments covered up and ignor”
3122 days ago

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