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Ten questions for organisations

How well do we recognise the big issues on the horizon?

Are we really challenging ourselves to look beyond the status quo, to understand how changes outside our control will impinge on our sector and to plan for a different future?

How well do we understand the full implications of resource constraints?

Will we face problems from water shortages? How will we cope with less energy? How will we secure access to the materials that are running out and what options do we have for change?

Where can we use existing capabilities to create new sources of value?

As the world changes, what new activities will come to the fore where our skills and experience can be more effectively deployed and how can we best take advantage of the opportunities?

To what extent do we expect to have influence over our human resources?

If the world is getting smaller and flatter and the best talent is mobile, how can we attract the key people we need for the future to work with us, how can we stimulate them and how will they be rewarded?

What will we be required to report to stakeholders in 2020?

Will water footprints and carbon footprints become compulsory and what about energy use? Will intangibles be more important than fixed assets and what levels of risk will be acceptable to the market?

Is our understanding of future areas of opportunity better than that of our peers?

Are we paying enough attention to what we don’t know? Do we understand the future any better than others? How vulnerable are we to change from outside and how and where can we best understand this?

How well equipped are we to respond to adjacent sector changes?

If new technology developments or changes in customer relationships occur in other areas, how can we best take early advantage of these in our own space and do we know how they could threaten our current activities?

How well are we tracking the possible future risks and challenges?

Are we paying enough attention to monitoring threats to both our core and potential new areas of activity? Can we create competitive advantage by spotting new opportunities earlier than others?

How will we manage our reputation in the future?

Will we be able to communicate with stakeholders in 2020? Will we be in control of our brand or will consumers have more influence? Are we prepared to change the way we act?

Are we sufficiently influential in new regulatory change?

Where will the new international standards emerge from and how can we be involved? Are we able to match our global and local operations to changing legal frameworks?

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