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The future of Locality

With urbanisation an overarching mega-trend and so more of us, on average, living in urban environments in 2020 than do today, the increasing role of cities is another theme that drew a mass of comment and debate throughout the Future Agenda programme. From the design of future cities to the increasing political and economic influence of the world’s mega-cities on the global stage, as well as how they compete, there is evidently change in the air. There are also related changes regarding the buildings in which we will live and work, and how we will get to and from them. In addition, within this cluster of topics linked to locality, we also cover such issues as future communities, feeding them and making more effective use of waste as a resource – all issues around which many have strong opinions for the future as well as some pretty clear directions already being established. The environments in which we live take time to change – urban planners often work in timeframes of decades. However, from the programme discussions, it is apparent that tangible change within the next ten years is both possible and probable in several areas and so these are the ones that we have highlighted here.


imbalanced population growth
asian wealth shift
key resource constraints
universal data access

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