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The future of Security

Security is considered as one of the core human needs and is an area that is under increasing pressure. For some, this is more evident than others. However, around the world, with increasing ease of communication and connectivity, more people and the certainty of key resource constraints, we will all get used to more coverage of security related topics over the next ten years. These will not be just issues about military or national security, although this is evidently an important topic where changes are taking place. The eight probable future changes covered in this section also cover food security, health security, energy security and water security. They deal will fundamental concerns that nations and cities have about securing supplies of the resources to feed their populations, protect their health and access the resources to grow. In addition, some of the issues addressed cover topics related to data security. In the always connected, data intensive world that more of us will be part of by 2020, which data we trust, how identity is verified and how organisations manage the control of their corporate data are all areas where significant change is possible. Touching all these elements, the probable futures in this section hopefully stimulate some new perspectives on the world we are moving into.


imbalanced population growth
asian wealth shift
key resource constraints
universal data access

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