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The future of Mobility

There is little doubt that over the next decade there will be increased mobility. Although in some areas less travel is possible, people and things overall will be moving around the globe further and faster. The future of transport and the future of migration were two of the initial perspectives in the Future Agenda programme that attracted a great deal of discussion and feedback from all over: from Brussels to Melbourne, from Shanghai to Rome and from Delhi to Washington, everyone has strong opinions about what should happen. However, what will happen in the future of mobility over the next decade will, for some, not be the end point but more of a transition. Especially in the transportation arena, the future of 100% clean mobility is considered to be further out than 2020, but some of the main ingredients of this are coming together and will be increasingly evident in the next few years. One notable feature of some of the probable futures explored here is the pivotal role of China – in planes, trains and automobiles. In addition, there is an underlying driver of economic wealth that will be both enabling investment in new systems but also causing increasing migration and mobility of people. Within the myriad conversations, the eight probable futures selected here were the ones that had the greatest probable impact for the next decade.


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