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The future of Happiness

As the third of the health, wealth and happiness trio, the topics covered in this cluster address a wide range of possible changes for the next decade. The future of happiness can stretch across a broad spectrum. At one extreme, we can see the impact of societal change that will probably affect all of us as the evident demographic shifts around population growth and ageing are played out. At the other, there are issues that will be very personal in terms of our individual choices around enjoying the life we have, connecting with others and being part of communities that we opt into. In the middle, there are probable changes on the horizon that revolve around some of the choices that governments, companies and social networks may make for us, to which we may as individuals all respond in desired or unexpected ways. In the discussions that led to the selection of the eight topics in this cluster, there were many who see the future as being less happy than today overall; but, on balance, there were slightly more who felt that, with everything that is likely to occur, the world of 2020 could be a happier place.


imbalanced population growth
asian wealth shift
key resource constraints
universal data access

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LEFTY says
3924 days ago

LEFTY says
3924 days ago

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