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The Future of Wealth

How wealth is created, valued, shared and used over the next decade is subject to a number of possible changes. Globalisation has connected many of us in ways we never conceived of that allow new ideas to be shared and innovations to accelerate. It has also linked us together in ways that mean shocks in one region can quickly be transferred to another. A flatter world in parts is providing opportunities for those with talent to leapfrog ahead of others, but at the same time there is a growing imbalance between the haves and the have-nots in society. The next decade will see new technologies that will drive new business models that will, in turn, change how wealth is created and shared, but it will also see political and social needs drive other changes in how we manage and use the wealth and resources that we have available. There is also clearly significant influence in this area from the certain shift in the centre of gravity to Asia and the consequences that this will have for wealth creation, trading and even currencies. As with the health cluster, we have chosen eight of the most significant probable changes that came up in the discussions, some of which have global relevance whereas others have a very local impact.


imbalanced population growth
asian wealth shift
key resource constraints
universal data access

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