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The Future of Health

The world of health and nutrition is one in which there are many significant technological and social changes on the horizon. For instance, stem cell research and more detailed use of the information we have on the human genome are providing a plethora of new development opportunities. Equally, with a generally larger, older, fatter population on the 2020 horizon, there are a number of major policy decisions around food supply, health funding and even end-of-life management that will demand attention. Some of these will be more relevant to certain countries than others. At the same time, we must not forget that there are some fundamental global issues that connect us all, such as the likelihood of new global pandemics. New business models will also move rapidly around the world to make healthcare more efficient.

The many discussions that we held focusing on the future of health highlighted a host of issues and possible changes for the next decade, as well as some things that will stay the same. We have chosen eight that not only sparked a lot of debate but also were felt to be some of the most significant probable changes in this area. They range from the inevitable to the controversial and provide an interesting view of how this important area may evolve over the next decade.


imbalanced population growth
asian wealth shift
universal data access

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