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The Team

The Future Agenda programme was undertaken by an international team working together to design, deliver and synthesise the fifty workshops, numerous online discussions and additional dialogues with organisations around the world.

The team was led by Dr Tim Jones who originally conceived the programme, ran the majority of the workshops and undertook much of the synthesis. Tim has supported a wide range of government and corporate organisations in identifying future growth platforms over the past decade and is a regular speaker at international conferences on this topic.

Caroline Dewing led the Future Agenda programme within Vodafone, organised many of the workshops and took the lead role in the collation of all insights.

Supporting Tim and Caroline was a host of forward looking people who gave their time and ideas to the programme. These included:

Don Abraham at the Futures Company in New York

Jacqui Allen at the British Council in Washington DC

Elif Arslan at Vodafone Turkey in Istanbul

Nicky Chambers of Best Foot Forward in Oxford

Kasey Chappelle, Karl Slootweg and Binaya Neupane at Vodafone Group in London

Tom Chignall at Vodafone New Zealand in Auckland

Nuri Colakoglu at Dogan Media International in Istanbul

Cornelia Daheim and team at Z_Punkt – The Foresight Company in Germany

Madvendra Das and Prema Shrikrishana at Vodafone India in Mumbai

Roger Dennis at Innovation Matters in New Zealand

Will Gagley and Andrew Curry at the Futures Company in London

Wendy Jordan at the British Council in London

Themba Kinane and Leverne Cass at Vodacom in Johannesburg

Andy Lewis at CandelaMedia in the UK

Dave McCormick, an independent consultant based in London

Adam Newton at Royal Dutch Shell in The Hague

Ian Noble at PepsiCo International

Rachel Philips at Oracle UK

Julia Rawlins at the British Council in Germany

Tobias Rooney and Atif Sheikh at ?WhatIf! in London

Dr Wendy Schultz at Infinite Futures in Oxford

Anupam Yog and Sumati Nagrath at Mirabilis Advisory in New Delhi

Eirini Zafeiratou and Cindy de Koninck at Vodafone Group in Brussels

In addition, there were sixteen people who provided the initial personal perspectives upon which the programme dialogue was built. These were:

Dave Birch at Consult Hyperion in Surrey

Professor Richard Black at the University of Sussex

Professor Stewart Burn at CSIRO in Melbourne

Professor Richard Burdett at the London School of Economics

D J Collins at Google in London

Diane Coyle OBE of Enlightenment Economics and the BBC Trust in London

Jan Farjh at Ericsson Research in Stockholm

Professor Mike Hardy OBE at the British Council in London

Jim Kirkwood at General Mills Inc in Minneapolis

Dr Ravij Kumar at ICRIER in New Delhi

Dr Jack Lord at Navigenics Inc in California

Chris Meyer at Monitor Networks in Boston

Professor Jose Luis Nueno at IESE in Barcelona

Mark Philips at Jaguar Land Rover in Coventry

Leo Roodhart at Royal Dutch Shell in The Hague

Professor Ian Williams at the University of Southampton

The fifty workshops that formed the core of the programme dialogue were undertaken by the team around the world. The locations of these workshops included Auckland, Bangalore, Barcelona, Berlin, Brightwell-cum-Sotwell, Brussels, Chicago, Christchurch, Eindhoven, Istanbul, Johannesburg, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Melbourne, Mumbai, New Delhi, New York, Oxford, Rome, Shanghai, Singapore, Tallinn, Washington DC and Wellington.

The ultimate success of the Future Agenda programme is dependent on the enthusiastic support and participation of people who want to help shape the future, who have generously shared their expertise and been prepared to challenge the status quo. We would like to thank everyone who has contributed either online, though workshops, by participating in discussions or commenting on the outputs. We hope we have provided an accurate reflection of the views expressed and take full responsibility for any mistakes.

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