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Introducing Future Agenda

The Future Agenda programme provides an open forum for discussion about how to address the major challenges which society faces over the next ten years, offering the opportunity for all to share ideas and potential solutions so that ultimately we can together inspire change.

We began this discussion by identifying a range of issues which we believed were the most important for the next decade. We then invited a number of experts from academia and industry to offer an initial perspective which we published online and in booklet form. We have spent the past twelve months talking to other experts and professionals across a wide variety of fields and asked them to challenge that initial point of view and build the debate. Overall we have talked directly to more than 2,000 people across many countries, from Australia and New Zealand to China and India, Germany and Spain, the UK and the US. In addition many people have added their comments to our website or followed the debate on Twitter. We are grateful to all those who took part in this project and who were prepared to voice an opinion and challenge the status quo.

This website is the latest step in the journey and offers an overview of the discussions we have shared to date. The aim has been to articulate the complex challenges we face and understand how we can learn from the ways they are being addressed in different societies. On some occasions there has been heated debate, particularly over issues such as climate change and the future provision of healthcare, and in some instances the problems have seemed almost too intractable to manage but perseverance has paid off, the debate has moved on and opportunities have been identified.

We hope that in this website you will find something of interest which will inspire you to question the status quo and consider the possibility of change. All those who have participated so far have had interesting and important things to say that should be of interest to anyone concerned with creating a sustainable future for us all.

Mobile technology can offer many benefits but I think the most important contribution that the industry I work in can provide is the power to allow people to communicate. Never has a global conversation been more important: we hope that our contribution will be a stimulus to others to continue.

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