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In the middle of 2009, sixteen lead experts were invited to answer key questions on the future challenges, options and possible paths forward on a select group of topics: Authenticity; Choice; Cities; Connectivity; Currency; Data; Energy; Food; Identity; Health; Migration; Money; Transport; Water; Waste and Work.

During September these views were collated and shared with other experts for initial comments and views to build a globally informed perspective from the start.

In October the initial persectives were collated into a single document that is available for download via slideshare and has also been printed courtesy of Vodafone, the programme sponsor.

From late October through to the end of January, the initial views are being shared and built on via this website, and additional expertise from around the world is being invited to add in their views and contribute to the varied debates. Alongside the on-line input, a series of workshops are being run in companies and universities to solicit direct feedback and additional comments that will also be added into the mix.

In February the key insights and proposals from each of the debates will be summarised and shared.

During March 2010, all of the new insights and perspectives from across the programme will be analysed, edited and the common threads cutting across the varied discussion identified. These will then be shared for fine tuning by the people who provided the key builds and comments on each topic.

From April onwards the final output will be disseminated through a range of different media including a new website, book, blog and global briefing sessions and workshops. Some events will also be organised that bring together the top contributors to the debates to both share perspectives and seed ideas for the future.

The top 200 insights for 2020 will be shared via a newprogramme website and available for anyone to use as they wish to stimulate new thinking about how to address the challanges and opportunities in the next decade.

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