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Although traditional futures thinking has been built around research and consultation, over the last five years more collaborative approaches have been adopted. Most notably Shell’s Technology Futures programmes and IBM’s Global Innovation Outlook have brought together groups of leading experts to debate views on a number of select topics within immersive events. These and similar programmes successfully identified major challenges, opportunities and interactions that have led to significant innovation and new business creation.
The Future Agenda project builds on this by bringing together a wider audience of global expertise around a portfolio of challenges in a dynamic and accelerated manner. Rather than engaging small groups on a couple of issues at a time, this programme is opening the debate to a global cast to collaboratively address the key challenges we will face between now and 2020.Using a coordinated mix of debate and on-line interaction, the Future Agenda is provoking, stimulating and capturing discussion from across a global audience on 16 major challenges. Each discussion is being initiated by a lead point of view that has addressed a number of questions.
These lead points of view are now being shared, challenged and further developed by a wealth of global expertise via this website and other more traditional interactions. The debate is then being opened up to gain additional perspectives from a wider range of organisations, companies and commentators to provide an additional layer of views and make the connections across and between the sixteen topics.
We see that the Future Agenda project is a different, more open approach to traditional future foresight programmes – one that starts with expert views and builds upon it through engaging a global cast.

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