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Programme Overview

Supported by Vodafone Group, the Future Agenda is a unique cross-discipline programme which  aims to unite the best minds from around the globe to address the greatest challenges of the next decade. In doing so, it is mapping out the major issues, identifying and debating potential solutions and suggesting the best ways forward. We hope, as a consequence, that it will provide a platform for collective innovation at a higher level than has been previously been achieved.

As the world responds to accelerating challenges, organisations are seeking to gain clearer and more informed views of the future so that they can place intelligent bets in terms of business strategy and innovation focus. In order to understand emerging opportunities, we believe organisations should look, beyond their traditional horizons, and use new combinations of insight and foresight methodologies.

The Future Agenda programme has already gained the support of a wide range of corporate, government and third sector organisations keen to share perspectives, challenge each others views and identify the best way forward across the topics being addressed. As all participants are free to use the material as a source for ongoing research and innovation, we invite you to add your views into the mix to build and share a unique view of the future we need to collectively address.

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