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Guidelines / Terms of Use

Guidelines / Terms of Use

Comments on our blog posts are posted after approval. However, if your comments show no relation to the subject of the blog post you are commenting on, the administrators have the right to remove them.

By using our commenting facility agree not to post or upload any abusive, hateful, obscene, pornographic or sexually-oriented, threatening, racist, menacing, invasive of another person’s right of privacy, offensive, defamatory or slanderous content, nor any content in breach of confidence or in breach of any intellectual property rights (including copyright), or otherwise unlawful

Doing so may lead to you being immediately and permanently banned (and your service provider being informed). You agree that the administrators have the right to remove comments at any time should they see fit.

In addition to the above, we ask that you keep a few common sense rules and guidelines in mind:

Please do:

Remember that the internet is a public forum. Keep your comments civil, appropriate and relevant. Write with a clear purpose in mind.

Only discuss ideas and issues that concern you and your fellow bloggers.

Back up your statements with examples, reasons, or other supportive evidence.

Read through all the comments in a thread before you respond to one (so you are not asking a question that has already been asked or repeating something that someone else has already posted).

Ensure that you do not post anything which breaches these guidelines, infringes any intellectual property rights, or is otherwise unlawful. 

Please do not:

Post your full name or others’ last names, phone numbers, home addresses, or other personal information – please show proper respect for others’ privacy

Use inappropriate usernames (offensive, obscene etc.) or the name of an existing individual (who is not you!).

Attack others. Use reasons and examples to support your view and be respectful of others’ opinions even when disagreeing with them.

Use abusive, hateful, obscene, sexually-oriented, racist, sexist, defamatory, slanderous, menacing, threatening language, swear words or any other language that may be offensive or embarrassing to other users.

Post materials that you have copied from someone else without their consent.

Post the same message or very similar messages more than once.

Impersonate someone (including other users).

Initiate divisive discussion topics (e.g. regional sports teams).

Change font sizes and/or colours. It’s the content of your message that counts, not the style.

Abuse the complaint procedure – it is there to alert the administrators about content that breaks the above rules.

Doing any of the above may lead to your access to the site and the service being immediately terminated. You agree that the Webmaster of this Site and its administrators have the right to remove or edit any comment at any time without prior notice should they see fit.

Thank you and enjoy!

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