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Work – Chris Meyer


As income increases in India, China, Brazil, and elsewhere, growth in demand for skilled services will occur disproportionately in these emerging economies.

Chris Meyer – CEO Monitor Networks

Chris is Chief Executive of Monitor Networks. His mission is to anticipate and shape the future of business. He has pursued this goal as entrepreneur, author, leader of a think tank, consultant, and executive.

Products of this mission include three books: Blur: The Speed of Change In the Connected Economy; Future Wealth; and It’s Alive: the Coming Convergence of Information, Biology, and Business (all co-authored with Stan Davis) and articles in the Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review, Fast Company, Time, The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, and others.

In 2004, Chris joined the Monitor Group to lead Monitor Networks, a business based on the ideas about human capital markets. Monitor Talent, founded by Monitor Networks, has now built a network of 75 thought leaders in business, science, and public policy; Chris curates Now New Next, the Monitor Talent blog on Harvard Business Digital.

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